GWEDC Staff Changes

Debra Teufel

Debra Teufel

Teufel Departs Wichita
Debra Teufel has promoted Wichita’s workforce and positive business environment across the continent and around the globe since joining the organization more than seven years ago. She’s represented the Greater Wichita Economic Development Coalition (GWEDC) in her travels to Norway, Spain, Germany, France, England, the Netherlands and Canada. Hosting international representatives who wanted a closer look at Wichita’s capabilities has also been part of her duties. Officials from Japan, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Belgium, Brazil and Denmark have benefitted from her extensive knowledge about the local economy and the large network she’s developed in her role as GWEDC’s Vice President of Business Development.

Debra has recently accepted a position as Director of Public/Private Partnerships for Price College of Business at the University of Oklahoma. We’ll miss her passionate advocacy for our community, region and state when she departs Wichita later this month. Please join us in wishing her all the best as she begins her new role on September 1.

Craig Bay

Craig Bay

Bay Joins GWEDC
Wichitan Craig Bay joined GWEDC last week as the Director of Special Projects. He brings 18 years of project and process management, customer relationship management, and leadership team experience from NetApp Corporation to his new role. Bay joins GWEDC’s Nick Campbell in supporting the Blueprint for Regional Economic Growth (BREG). Follow this link to learn more about the eight regional BREG cluster teams and how they are defining specific actions to increase their economic strength in south central Kansas.

GWEDC on 99.7 LITE FM this Sunday morning

From partnering on the Blueprint for Regional Economic Growth (BREG) and the Wichita-South Central Kansas Export Plan, to helping secure Figeac-Aero North America’s expansion in Wichita, the Greater Wichita Economic Development Coalition (GWEDC) has been hard at work promoting Wichita and our region.

Debra Teufel, Tim Chase & host Gayla Crouse

Debra Teufel, Tim Chase & host Gayla Crouse

For more information about these and other GWEDC initiatives, tune to 99.7 LITE FM this Sunday morning at 8. GWEDC President Tim Chase and Vice President Debra Tuefel will be guests on the Lite Is Local program, during which they will answer questions like these:

  • How does GWEDC work in with the city, county and state departments to retain and attract primary jobs?
  • What are some recent “wins” that are putting Wichitans back to work?
  • What is Wichita’s secret weapon for keeping and attracting great jobs?
  • How long does it typically take to close a deal?

Be sure to tune in Sunday morning! If you miss the original airing, you can catch a podcast of the interview on the station’s website.

GWEDC participates in two local initiatives

Nick Campbell, Brad Eilts and Beth Shelton

From left to right: Nick Campbell with GWEDC, Brad Eilts with McPherson County and Beth Shelton with GWEDC participated in the BREG town hall meeting on April 2.

GWEDC is participating in both the Blueprint for Regional Economic Growth (BREG) initiative and the implementation of the Wichita-South Central Kansas Export Plan. These important economic development efforts have made headlines the last two weeks.

Blueprint for Regional Economic Growth (BREG)
This is a 10-county regional economic development effort that coordinates existing assets in new ways with the goal of accelerating growth. Eight economic clusters have been identified and industry leaders in each cluster will be meeting through the month of June to collaborate and develop growth and action plans. GWEDC staff worked with other BREG partners during the last few months to invite representatives of more than 600 area companies to participate in the process. Find out more about this plan at and follow #BREG for social media commentary about the initiative and the recent town hall meeting that was held in Newton.

Regional export plan released
The Wichita-South Central Kansas Export Plan was introduced last week at a special event held in Newton. Eight organizations have committed to implementing the five-year plan through the execution of specific tactics that will increase area exports by $1.1 billion over the next five years. View the plan to learn more.