Winning with Instagram

Chamber Communications Manager Courtney Sendall will share her social media expertise at a June 30 event.

When Alaska Airlines announced they were starting service in Wichita, we naturally began following their social media accounts. And their accounts are pretty dazzling. Like most airlines, @AlaskaAir fills their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posts with breathtaking images of some of the #bucketlist destinations that we’d all like to visit.

But what really sets their accounts apart is the consistent stream of accolades from customers who appreciate the special touches the airline provides. The carrier’s social media team has done an exceptional job of capitalizing on the loyal brand ambassadors they’ve developed by providing stellar customer service.

So we’re eager to hear from Shannon Johnson (@shayboarder), a social media strategist for Alaska Airlines, when she shares her insights about Winning with Instagram in Wichita next week. Johnson is the keynote speaker for a June 30 luncheon event presented by Digital Wichita in celebration of global Social Media Day. The Chamber is one of several local event sponsors.

As an added bonus, six of the local experts who recently made the list of 2017 10 Rockstar Instagrammers in Wichita will also share their best practices. All five of the business accounts on the Rockstar Instagrammers list are Chamber members:  Events and Designs by Ashley, Local Legacy, Reverie Roasters, The Monarch Wichita, and Wichita Real Estate.

User-generated content like this image from Tillie’s Flower Shop make up most of the posts on the @WichitaFlag Instagram account.

We’re very pleased that the Wichita Flag Instagram account also made the top ten list and that Courtney Sendall will represent the Chamber on the panel of local experts. The Chamber secured the @WichitaFlag social media channels on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook several years ago to initiate a grassroots pride-in-place campaign. Wichitans enthusiastically responded to all three accounts and most of the daily posts are user-generated content. Some of the posts are from former Wichitans expressing pride in their city, while others are from Wichitans who take the flag with them when they travel. The Instagram account has more than 4,600 followers and posts that have originated from 29 different states, 17 countries and 4 continents.

Whether you’re an Instagram novice or a seasoned social media expert, we hope you’ll join us next week for some practical takeaways that will strengthen your business and your social media reach. The event is at Abode from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Friday, June 30, and the ticket price is $25.

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The Measurement of Success

A recap of the May 2015 Sunrise Scrambler

Todd Rams

Todd Ramsey

It seems like more often than not, the world of social media is changing , thus requiring businesses to change their social media practices to keep up. And with the plethora of tools and tactics to choose from, it can be overwhelming to determine whether or not your social media efforts are effective. Todd Ramsey, Chief Strategist at Apples & Arrows, broke down social media measurement at our May Sunrise Scrambler when he presented “Measuring the Effects of Your Social Media.” Below is a short recap of his many great tips.

To Formulate a Social Media Strategy:

  1. Start with your objective. Do you want to sell more product, increase event attendance, increase brand awareness, protect brand reputation, build community, etc.? You cannot form a plan to achieve a goal unless you are clear on what your goal is.
  2. Know your audience. Todd used the example of selling running shoes. If you are targeting 65-year-old men, your plan will be different than if you are targeting 18-year-old women.
  3. Understand your resources. The thought that “social media is free” is a myth. Executing a social media strategy requires people, technology and time – none of which are free.
  4. Your objective, audience and resources will inform the tactics (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat, etc.) you choose.

Five Things to Measure:

  1. Awareness – How many people saw the content?
  2. Engagement – Did people share, comment or like?
  3. Consideration* – How many responses were generated?
  4. Conversion* – Did we generate a sale/goal?
  5. Advocacy – Did we get people talking?

*Two most important factors to note because they can impact a company’s bottom line and create ROI.

Suggested Measurement Tools:

Questions from the Audience:

Q: With Facebook’s algorithm, is it almost necessary to pay to promote your posts?
A: Yes, Facebook’s shareholders want to make money. Therefore, an organic post (one that has not been paid to be boosted) will typically only reach 1-3% of a business page’s followers. So if your page has 100,000 likes, only 1,000-3,000 of those people will see your post. Even businesses with small budgets can benefit from paying to boost their posts. One attendee indicated that her business page sees a drastic difference when devoting $10-20 to boosting a post.

Q: How often should a business revisit their social media strategy?
A: Todd suggests developing plans on a quarterly timeline. This ensure agility in the changing social media world, but is also a long enough timeframe to capture trends.

See photos from the event on Facebook, view conversation from the event on Twitter using #ChamberICT, and check out Todd’s presentation here. You can also follow Todd and Apples & Arrows on Twitter @ToddRamsey and @ApplesArrows.

Thank you to our sponsors for making programming like this possible: Emprise Bank, Friends University and Davis-Moore Autogroup.

Next month’s Sunrise Scrambler will be held on June 17 at Eberly Farm, where Maurice W. Evans with iGROWyourBiz, Inc. will discuss “Becoming a Person of Influence.” Register here.

Up Periscope: We’re LIVE from Wichita


The Chamber has been utilizing a new Twitter tool at several ribbon cutting events this month.

Celebrating the accomplishments of the business community is at the core of what we do at the Chamber. We’re always seeking new ways to include more people in these noteworthy occasions when members open new businesses, provide tours of their new locations or expansions, and unveil their re-branded products and services. These events keep our membership informed about the latest local developments and help our members forge deeper connections with each other.

Several new Twitter apps are now available that turn your iPhone into a tool for live streaming. Last Friday the Chamber tested Periscope at a re-branding ribbon-cutting/open house held by Chamber member Crave Beauty Academy. We used it again this week for the HopeNet groundbreaking.

While Periscope is currently limited to iPhone users, we think it offers some interesting opportunities to expand the audience for member announcements and make our events more inclusive. We’re considering some ways to use this unique tool and would love your input about how we can utilize it to maximize your membership experience.

Take a look at the list of future opportunities we’ve created below and send us your thoughts and tips to


    That dramatic moment when two 2015 award winners are named from our pool of nine finalists.
    Special events throughout the day.
  • EXPOSURE (business-to-business trade show)
    New product demonstrations and explanations about new services.

Periscope eliminates all videos after 24 hours.  However, we’ve uploaded both of our Periscope videos to our YouTube channel. You can see the Crave event by following this link and the HopeNet event here. Periscope only utilizes a portrait function at this time, so both videos are shot and viewed in a vertical format. We’ll be sure to tweet prior to any other events we live stream.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @VentureBoldly for updates and let us know how you’re utilizing this new social media tool. Here are links to several articles that we’ve found helpful about the two new live streaming apps.