Morning Joe program headed to WSU campus Nov. 3

In what has been a year of firsts for the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Meeting event, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski will co-host their daily Morning Joe program from Wichita on Tuesday, November 3 from 5 to 8 a.m. (CST). The live broadcast follows their participation in the Chamber’s Annual Meeting program on the evening of Monday, November 2. After scouting several locations, MSNBC officials selected the dining area of Shocker Hall dormitory on the Wichita State University (WSU) campus for the November 3 broadcast.

From left to right: Jason Neal of NBC News, Rachel Groene and Angie Elliott from the Chamber, and Raymond Herbert of MSNBC discuss broadcast options on the WSU campus.

From left to right: Jason Neal of NBC News, Rachel Groene and Angie Elliott from the Chamber, and Alex Korson of MSNBC discuss broadcast options on the WSU campus.

Angie Elliott, Director of Business Services for the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce, has been managing both events and worked with three representatives of MSNBC who visited Wichita last week. Elliott said WSU officials have been very helpful to the MSNBC crew and that the University’s experience hosting other nationally televised events makes them a valuable partner to the Morning Joe program. “MSNBC producers were familiar with all the impressive things happening at WSU. They were interested in touring some of the new facilities and thought the vibrancy of the campus would bring the right energy to their programming.”

WSU, Visit Wichita, and the Greater Wichita Partnership are community partners for the broadcast. Students, business leaders, elected officials, and the public will be invited to be part of the live audience for the program.

Morning Joe Broadcast:

  • Tuesday, Nov. 3 in the dining area of Shocker Hall dormitory on the Wichita State University campus
  • Televised from 5–8 a.m. (CST) on MSNBC
  • Sign up at Eventbrite to be part of the live audience (MSNBC Morning Joe Live Broadcast)
  • Doors open at 4:30 a.m. and participants should enter through the northeast entrance of the building.
  • Free parking for the public will be available in the lot surrounding Koch Arena.

Chamber Annual Meeting:

  • Monday, November 2 at Century II in Wichita from 6:30–9:30 p.m.
  • Balcony tickets for the Chamber’s evening program are $35, and can still be reserved online at

Equipping Young Leaders

Each year, the Young Professionals of Wichita (YPW) accepts 25 talented and dynamic young professionals into their Leadership Academy class. The participants engage in six weekly sessions with interactive exercises, issue exploration, self-assessment and in-depth conversations with Wichita’s top community and business leaders. The program educates YPs on their personal styles, values and strengths so they can grow as leaders, motivate others and impact change in their organizations and communities.

We encourage you to nominate a YP in your organization or community to be a part of the 2016 Leadership Academy class by October 30. Please submit your nominations by clicking here.


2015 Leadership Academy Class


What’s Leadership Academy like? Check out the experiences from past participants below:

WebPhoto Danielle“I was proud to start my journey with the 2015 Young Professionals of Wichita Leadership Academy program. I was excited to be given the opportunity to hone and gain new leadership skills as well as network with my peers from many different business industries. The Leadership Academy exposed me to industry experts and seasoned business leaders. Each week there was a workshop that unlocked different approaches to leadership. I walked away from each workshop with a pearl of wisdom that I currently utilize in both my personal and professional life. The workshop I most enjoyed was Leadership Basics. Brian Black, Senior Manager of Corporate Public Affairs & Global Diversity at Spirit AeroSystems, shared a concept called P.I.E. (Performance, Image, and Exposure). Understanding the importance of one’s image and how to obtain exposure in your organization or business was really helpful. This is a concept I share all the time with the students I mentor, friends, and family members. Throughout the Academy I was exposed to facilitators who were candid in sharing their experiences and gave real and quality advice. I felt as though each facilitator cared about the message they were giving. This leadership program is truly tailored for the young professional and I look forward to nominating other YPs for the program.”

Danielle Johnson
Program Coordinator of Diversity and Inclusion, Wichita State University


LeadershipAcademy2015-6022“It was great to be able to attend the academy with people from different backgrounds, places, and career fields. Attending the Leadership Academy afforded me the opportunity to meet people in our city that I would have probably not met outside of this occasion. Wichita, maybe contrary to popular belief, is full of diversity in people from various backgrounds, places, careers and walks of life. The YPW Leadership Academy brought all of these together in one place.

Likewise, I was able to sit under TED talk-like teachings from speakers, experts, business-owners and entrepreneurs and glean an array of wisdom and insight. I eat this stuff up. I took copious amounts of notes in every session and left wanting to hear more and learn more when the experience came to a close. I was encouraged, built up, educated and inspired to action.

Since the Academy, I have joined the YPW as a young professional. In addition, I signed up the church I pastor – The Source Church Wichita – as a member of the Chamber of Commerce. The YPW Leadership Academy was a springboard into the life and culture of Wichita’s leadership and professional environment. Through the Academy, I’ve gained not only knowledge and an onramp into participation, but also rewarding connections and friendships.

I highly recommend the YPW Leadership Academy to any young professional who has even an inkling of desire for involvement in our city. If I could attend again, I would!”

Jason Villanueva
Pastor, The Source Church Wichita

Transforming Wichita: Vision vs. Vernacular

By Guest Blogger Jonathan Long

Jonathan Long is the Resource Manager at the Workforce Alliance of South Central Kansas, as well as the President of the Wichita Urban Professionals. He participated in the Chamber’s 2015 City-to-City Leadership Visit to Greenville, SC, and some of his thoughts following the trip are below.

Wichita’s identity struggle isn’t about its moniker as much as it is about it misunderstanding the concept of identity.


Long with the Wichita flag

At some point, Wichita went all-in on being “the air capital.” The city embedded the brand so deeply that it burned through the skin and ended up in Wichita’s DNA. The byproduct of such immersion is that, now, Wichita can’t see itself as more than this one thing. The sheer notion of being looked at as something else has led to much frustration and indecisiveness.

The concept of identity is very much rooted in development and evolving. My first and most consistent encounter with the concept of identity is in my experience as an African American male. Growing up, I faced a variety of misunderstood expectations, misconceptions and stereotypes about what it meant to be a black male. However, eventually, I learned that being a black male shapes my identity, but isn’t solely my identity – I am so much more.

Wichita needs to understand that it, too, is so much more.

During the annual City-to-City trip the Mayor of Greenville, SC, told our group of Wichita leaders that the starting point in Greenville’s transformation was visualizing what they wanted their city to be. We went downtown and we saw a socialization-focused landscape. We listened to cohesive presentations from different program directors and city officials and felt a progressive excitement.

They didn’t sell us a catchphrase. They sold us on a vision.

We all have diverse perspectives on Wichita, and our vision should be inclusive of these perspectives. It won’t be easy, but it is necessary and we are capable of creating it.

I believe in this because I see Wichita as an oasis of opportunity that extends beyond one specific ecosystem or experience.

In the book, “Rules of the Red Rubber Ball,” Kevin Carroll writes, “Each day is an opportunity to live out your life’s work. There will be quiet moments as well as defining moments, which – if you shine – will propel you further than you ever imagined.”

Our quiet moments have passed. It will be in these defining moments that our identity is one that shines or is more fitting for shade.

You can see Jonathan’s original blog post at

Cindy Claycomb of WSU Ventures was another City-to-City participant, and she recapped some of the main takeaways in a Wichita Eagle Business Perspectives piece published last week. See it here if you missed it. 

Sell out Annual Meeting Dinner – CHECK!

Annual Meeting To-Do List

  • Select a speaker from our own backyard – Check
  • Invite two nationally known moderators to join keynote speaker on stage – Check
  • Sell out dinner and loge program seating – CHECK

2015 Annual Meeting GraphicWe decided to change things up a bit for this year’s Annual Meeting and Dinner and select a Wichita-native, Charles Koch, as our keynote speaker. The outcome has been just what we hoped, because we just announced that tickets for the dinner and loge program seating are officially SOLD OUT at 1,848 reservations for the Nov. 2 event. This Annual Meeting featuring Koch Industries Chairman & CEO Charles Koch and hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe program Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski will be the largest ever, even surpassing the attendance numbers drawn by two former U.S. Presidents.

If you didn’t get your dinner tickets in time, Director of Business Services Angie Elliott says not to worry. “Balcony tickets for the program are still available, and we hope you can join us to hear from one of the world’s most successful businessmen.”

Chamber Annual Meeting Specifics:

  • November 2 at Century II in Wichita from 6:30–9:30 p.m.
  • Balcony tickets for the program are $35, and can be reserved online at

Show us your mug and you could win one of ours

FullSizeRenderJoe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC’s Morning Joe show are coming to Wichita on Nov. 2 to interview Koch Industries Chairman and CEO Charles Koch as part of our 2015 Annual Meeting, and you can win some Morning Joe swag!

Between now and Oct. 21, post a photo of yourself on Twitter and/or Instagram, use #ChamberICT, and be entered to win a Morning Joe mug and one balcony ticket to the Annual Meeting! One winner from Twitter and one winner from Instagram will be randomly selected from all entries received by 5 p.m. on Oct. 21.

Interested in attending the Annual Meeting to see Joe and Mika in action? Visit for ticket info.

Rita Malinauskas permanently joins Chamber staff

Malinauskas, Rita_webWe are pleased to announce that Rita Malinauskas has permanently joined the Chamber staff as a Coordinator of Business Services, working with Angie Elliott and Rachel Groene. Rita was hired on a temporary basis in April 2015 and has since become a valuable part of our Business Services team.

“Rita has shown an excellent level of service to our members. Her warm manner and attention to detail were instrumental to the success of major events such as Small Business Awards, the Golf Classic and Exposure,” Director of Business Services Angie Elliott said. “She is skilled at connecting members to our services and to each other, and we’re pleased to have her on board in a permanent role.

Rita earned her BS in Business Administration from the University of Missouri, and she most recently worked at Butler Community College in Andover.

Boost your business – at a discount!

Did you know that Chamber members receive a discount on business and education training programs through our partnerships with several higher education institutions? One of those partnerships is with the Center for Entrepreneurship at Wichita State University.

Along with Meritrust Credit Union, they are holding the Fall 2015 Business Booster Series. Formulated for the self-made business owner and fortified with the knowledge of fellow business mavericks, these three-hour workshops are a fast-acting dose of practical know-how you can immediately put to use to beef up your business’ bottom line. Each class is typically $50, but Chamber members can participate for $40. A list of the upcoming classes is below.

Please visit for more information on the Business Booster courses, and visit our website for more information on other educational opportunities.


Recap: Connect, Collide and Communicate

By Jennifer Cole 

Jennifer is a proud supporter of the @WichitaFlag and #ILoveWichita.

Proud  supporter of the @WichitaFlag and #ILoveWichita

Jennifer is a Content and Community Manager at Sullivan Higdon & Sink and a member of Digital Wichita, a group of local marketers working to do great things in the world of Wichita’s social media. We are thrilled to have her as a guest blogger as she recaps last week’s Connect, Collide, Communicate luncheon that was held in conjunction with Exposure.

Last week, Wichita was graced with the presence of a brilliant visual marketer, and many of us had the opportunity to listen to him speak! Wait, you weren’t there? Then you get the Jen-condensed version:

First off, our speaker was none other than Jeff Sieh! Jeff is the founder of the Manly Pinterest Tips Blog and a contributor to Social Media Examiner. He brought some fascinating insight with him and presented his materials in a highly-captivating way, a way that I can’t do justice solely with a LinkedIn post. (so you should just be sure to check out his website to get a better grasp on his style)

Jeff Sieh talking visual marketing to a group of 100+ Wichita marketers.

Jeff Sieh talking digital marketing to a group of 100+ Wichita marketers.

Speaking of style — style and branding is precisely what Jeff came to Wichita to speak about! Jeff provided us with excellent examples of marketers such as Rebekah Radice and Peg Fitzpatrick who have their own personal branding down to an art. Do you follow either of these ladies on Pinterest? If you do, then you know exactly what Jeff is talking about. If you don’t, then you should go to Pinterest and follow them both right now and start soaking in the visual consistency that they both strongly demonstrate. According to Jeff’s presentation, the brain processes visual information 60K times faster than the time it takes for the brain to decode text. Intriguing, but not necessarily surprising.

What are things that you can pay special attention to when establishing your own visual content? Jeff provided 5 things to consider:

  1. Real (Is it authentic/genuine? Is it straight to the point?)
  2. Relevant (Does it matter to your follower? Will they find it to be valuable?)
  3. Relational (Are you available to your followers? Do you answer their questions and engage with them?)
  4. Repurpose-able (Can it be used in different ways across all of your channels? i.e. Blog, Pinterest, Website, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  5. Rare (Is it unique? Are you the only place that your followers are seeing what you have to offer? Are you serving up your knowledge in an original way? Don’t be a copy-cat. Find your true self and your true style.)

One thing that you DON’T want to underestimate is the growing power of video. Did you know that Instagram is now allowing advertisers to use 30 second spots? (I’m thrilled!) One of the stats that Jeff provided was that 74% of internet traffic will be video by 2017, and I don’t doubt that.  Personally, I’ve noticed that I spend a lot of time viewing videos on Facebook alone lately.

What’s one of my favorite take-away from Jeff’s presentation on Thursday?

I really appreciated when he showed us the evolution of his art from when he started his blog to the art he currently produces. The transition and learning experience was very evident when he was going through the slides and it just goes to show that we’re all learning and growing. It’s the only way to get any better as a human and as a professional.

You can connect with Jennifer on Twitter and LinkedIn, and much thanks again to her for sharing her recap with us!


All they do is win! #ICTexpo hosts best of the best

We like to say that everyone who participates in Exposure is a winner, but there are some who really stood out from the crowd. Those exhibitors were crowned with this year’s coveted Exposure Awards.

Most Spirited - Hotel at Waterwalk

Most Spirited – Hotel at Waterwalk


Best Tabletop – Sunflower Bank

Best Tabletop – Sunflower Bank


Best Biz Bite – Xclusive Event Services

Best Biz Bite – Xclusive Event Services


Best Technology – Cybertron

Best Technology – Cybertron


Rookie of the Year – The Workroom

Rookie of the Year – The Workroom


Best in Show – Kent Audio Visual & Squid Ink Creative

Best in Show – Kent Audio Visual & Squid Ink Creative

@kentavwichita and @squidinkcre8iv

People’s Choice – Cornerstone Design & Development

People’s Choice – Cornerstone Design & Development



If you missed out (or just want to relive day), visit our Facebook page to see event photos or search #ICTexpo on Twitter and Instagram. Thank you to all who exhibited, attended and sponsored Exposure 2015, especially to our presenting sponsor, Cox Business.