Monteferrante says this unique experience will impact your life

Michael Monteferrante and Sal Giunta

We’re only a few weeks away from the Chamber’s November 29 Annual Meeting featuring Medal of Honor Recipient, former U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Sal Giunta. Michael Monteferrante is the incoming Chairman of the Board for the Chamber as well as the President, Chief Executive Officer and Director at Envision, Inc. He was instrumental in securing Sal for the event. Monteferrante said, “Sal’s speech will be a goose bump experience that will impact your life. This is a rare opportunity to hear from such a decorated patriot.”

The Medal of Honor is awarded to the nation’s bravest Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen by the President of the United States in the name of Congress. Sal received his medal in 2010 for bravery in battle during his second deployment to Afghanistan while serving as a rifle team leader in the Korengal Valley.

Jack Pulley, Fleet Sales Manager at Davis-Moore Auto Group, is also looking forward to Sal’s presentation, even though he’s already heard him speak on several occasions. “Sal is a true patriot. And this is the perfect occasion for Wichita to honor his bravery as we also welcome the KC-46 to McConnell Air Force Base and celebrate the launch of the Navy’s U.S.S. Wichita in early 2019. He’ll be a fabulous speaker and it will be a very patriotic evening.”

Medal of Honor recipient Salvatore Giunta

We hope you’ll join us on November 29 to thank Sal Giunta for his heroic actions and learn more about his determination to serve his country and his fellow soldiers. Please plan to bring members of your team, your clients and other business associates who will benefit from his presentation. Special student, military, and Young Professionals of Wichita (YPW) ticketing pricing is available.

Our thanks to our many sponsors who have made it possible to bring Giunta to Wichita.
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Leadership Lessons from Salvatore Giunta

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Salvatore “Sal” Giunta was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in 2010.

On Thursday, November 29, the community will have an opportunity to hear from former U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta when he’s the featured speaker at the Chamber’s Annual Meeting. Giunta is the first living person to receive the Medal of Honor since the conclusion of the Vietnam War. His memoir, titled Living With Honor, covers his journey from being a teenage “sandwich artist at Subway” to his heroic actions during combat in Afghanistan in October 2007 that earned him the U.S. military’s highest honor in 2010.

Most of us won’t ever be tested like Giunta or his fellow soldiers, but his story offers a number of life and leadership lessons that we can incorporate in our daily lives. He shares some of them in his book.

  • Training is essential. You need the right tools and the confidence to use them.
  • Teamwork and communication are vital. Your success depends on everyone understanding their role and embracing the mission.
  • Leadership is critical. You’ll move mountains for leaders you respect.
  • Heroes are all around us. Every courageous deed isn’t documented, captured on film or publicly celebrated. There are lots of quiet heroes among us that we can and should recognize for their sacrifices and heroism.

Living With Honor is a memoir by Salvatore A. Giunta.

Giunta is a true U.S. patriot, but his book doesn’t sugarcoat the hardships and heartbreak that soldiers endure during wartime. His humility is endearing and his endurance is inspiring.

We hope that you’ll join us on November 29 to thank him for his heroic actions and learn more about his determination to serve his country and his fellow soldiers. Please plan to bring members of your team, your clients and other business associates who will benefit from his leadership lessons.

Our thanks to our many sponsors who have made it possible to bring Giunta to Wichita.
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Platinum Sponsors:  Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, Black Hills Energy, Cargill Protein Group, Grant Thornton LLP, High Touch Technologies, Hyatt Regency Wichita, Meritrust Credit Union, RCB Bank, and Berry Companies
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McConnell selects three new Golden Eagles

by Pat Gallagher, Military Affairs, Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce

Pat Gallagher has been a Golden Eagle since 2009.

In the 1990s the Honorary Commander program was introduced on McConnell Air Force Base (AFB) and approximately twenty local business leaders were partnered with military members on base who, when it could be arranged, had a job on base that was somewhat similar to that of the civilian with whom he/she was matched. Some Honorary Commanders became frequent visitors on base participating in group or squadron activities and any other base opportunity that was open to them.

McConnell AFB later introduced the Golden Eagle award to recognize outstanding volunteer service and as a vehicle for base leadership to thank Honorary Commanders for their exceptional dedication. Only seven civilians have been named Golden Eagles since the program started.

First among those to earn the award were Robin Spurrier (Spurrier Chemical Companies), Keith Lesher (Lesher Investments) and Bob Dool (Mid-Continent Safety).  Jack Pulley with Davis-Moore Automotive Group was the fourth Eagle selected. Rael Hodgson with State Farm Insurance was named Eagle number five and I became a Golden Eagle in 2009. Wayne Roberts with Pioneer Balloon was selected for the award in 2011.

All of the Golden Eagles have been in leadership positions with the Friends of McConnell (FOM), the civilian support organization that has provided financial support to airmen and family related programs and events on McConnell for 60 years. The FOM is an affiliate of the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Frank Suellentrop with Legacy Bank is one of three new Golden Eagles.

Three Golden Eagles have recently been selected to join the McConnell Eagle rank: Frank Suellentrop (Legacy Bank); James Havers-Strong (ABI Group); and Joel Rodell (Hutton Construction). All three business leaders have been exemplary supporters of their commanders, the airmen and their families. They are worthy recipients of this unique recognition.

Col. Josh M. Olson, 22nd ARW commander said, “We welcome these three outstanding community leaders to the prestigious Golden Eagles. The group is a direct reflection of the unsurpassed support our Airmen receive from this community. We look forward to work with them as we support combat air-refueling options downrange and bring on the next generation tanker in the upcoming months.”

Rodell said, “Becoming a Golden Eagle is a humbling experience and I look forward to contributing to the program. McConnell is a tremendous asset to Wichita and the surrounding communities. The opportunity to collaborate at a deeper level and help support their mission is something I’m very excited to be part of.”

Suellentrop agreed with Rodell and added that “It’s a great surprise and honor for me. Laura and I have really enjoyed our time as Honorary Commanders.”

We congratulate the newest Golden Eagles and thank all the Chamber members who strive to make McConnell AFB a great assignment for all those serving our country. Please contact the Chamber (316-268-1157) if you’d like to learn more about how you or your company can become more actively involved with the Friends of McConnell.

Chamber Celebrates Wichita Flag Day and Abilene Trophy

This morning’s Sunrise Scrambler celebrated the awarding of the Abilene Trophy to the Friends of McConnell as well as the premiere of a new video for the 80th anniversary of the adoption of the city’s official flag.

Elected officials and military leaders helped the Friends of McConnell celebrate winning the Abilene Trophy award.

The Friends of McConnell, an affiliate of the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce, was announced as the recipient of the 2016 Abilene Trophy on April 28. The award was officially presented today by Abilene Trophy representatives, Yvonne Batts and Scott Senter. It’s given annually to the community that demonstrates the most support of its local Air Force Base. Also known as the Air Mobility Command Community Support Award, this is the first time that Wichita has been selected for the award since it was initiated in 1998.

Elected officials and representatives of McConnell Air Force Base were on hand to congratulate the Friends of McConnell on the relationships they have built between the community and the Base. Colonel Al Miller from McConnell Air Force Base remarked during today’s ceremony that no other community that he has been assigned to comes close to the Wichita community in support of Airmen.

Please see our Facebook page and Twitter account for more photos and information.

The 80th anniversary of the Wichita flag was also celebrated today.

Through the generosity of numerous sponsors and partners, the Chamber kicked off the 80th anniversary of the adoption of the city’s official flag this morning with a new video and free items that Wichitans can download to share their pride.


  • The Chamber partnered with World Studios ICT in downtown Wichita to produce a 3-minute video highlighting the history and symbolism behind the flag. The video, titled Your Wichita Flag, is posted on the Chamber’s Facebook page.
  • The video includes sixteen Wichitans who donated their time and talent to participate – Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell, Jamil Malone, Tammy Allen, Ben Jennings, Madison Harris, Paul Blissett, Angie Elliott, Jonathon Long, Jason Villanueva, Ellen Decker, Courtney Sendall, Royce Stevenson, Jackie Ebert, Jackson Ebert, Cassandra Bryan and Brad Painchaud.


  • A website devoted to the promotion of the #ILoveWichita and @WichitaFlag campaign now has three printables that can be downloaded at
  1. Coloring sheet with flag facts
  2. 11×17 two-sided printed flag with flag information
  3. Copyright information about using the flag
  • Special note:  The coloring sheet was developed as a result of a Chamber brainstorming session with communication students at Wichita State University’s Elliott School of Communication last fall. After learning about the Chamber’s grassroots pride-in-place initiative, the students recommended instilling community pride at an earlier age and focusing on preschool and grade school children.

Special thanks to our Wichita flag partners: World Studios ICT, The Wichita Eagle, VIP Wichita Magazine and Fidelity Bank.

And our sincere gratitude to this month’s Sunrise Scrambler sponsors:  Golden Plains Credit Union, Friends University, Burnell’s Fine Jewelry, Davis-Moore Auto Group and Together Wichita.

Celebrating 60th anniversary of the KC-135

This letter to the editor was published in today’s Wichita Eagle. It was submitted by Jack Pulley, Chairman of the Friends of McConnell and Pat Gallagher, Military Liaison for the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce. 

Today McConnell Air Force Base will host a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the first flight of the Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker. More than 50 years after the delivery of that first KC-135, the fleet remains an integral part of Wichita’s aviation history and an essential component of our nation’s defense system.FOM - Tanker Anniversary

Next year will bring exciting new opportunities. McConnell AFB will greet the next generation refueler, the KC-46 Pegasus, designed to replace the aging KC-135 fleet.  Many local businesses and contractors have been working to ensure the base is on target to welcome this exciting new aircraft.

Before the last of the McConnell’s Stratotankers has been replaced, however, we have an opportunity to pay homage to their great history. We are thankful that McConnell’s airmen and leadership team are part of our community and we have a deep respect for the service they provide to our nation.

On this important anniversary date the Friends of McConnell and the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce express our sincere appreciation to all those who serve at McConnell Air Force Base. We are grateful the base is part of our community and congratulate each of you on the pivotal role you have played in making this special anniversary celebration possible

The Friends of McConnell (FOM), an affiliate organization of the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce, is a support group of area business leaders and residents dedicated to providing meaningful social and economic linkage between senior military leaders and their metropolitan civilian counterparts. The FOM seeks to express community pride and appreciation of the area’s military by providing organizational and financial support for Commander directed programs on base. A primary goal of the Friends of McConnell is to make McConnell AFB the most desirable assignment of an Airman’s career.

USS Wichita crest celebrates city’s roots

By Lyndsey Edwards

Photo by Derek Pruett

Photo by Derek Pruett

The new USS Wichita under construction in a Wisconsin shipyard is actually the third ship to bear Wichita’s name. This version of the USS Wichita (LCS-13) will be nearly 400 feet long and sprint at top speeds of over 40 knots.

The vessel’s crest was recently unveiled and the design offers insight into the history of our city. The red and white partition of the shield and the Zia Sun are properties from the flag of the City of Wichita. The city’s flag was adopted 79 years ago and each design element has a specific meaning. The red and white rays symbolize the path of freedom to come and go as one pleases. The blue disc or sun represents happiness and contentment. Stitched on the blue sun is an Indian symbol for Hogan or permanent home, represented by a white circle with four sets of three parallel rays emanating from the circle’s principal axis.

Along with the flag, the crest displays other familiar city and state symbols. A buffalo skull symbolizes the Wichita Indians, wheat stalks represent the main crop of Kansas and its residents, and feathers pay tribute to Wichita’s Native American heritage. The ship’s motto, “KEEPER OF THE SEAS,” honors Wichita’s iconic Keeper of the Plains sculpture.

The USS Wichita should be christened in early fall. The two previous ships named after Wichita earned 17 battle stars and the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal.

Contact Pat Gallagher (316-268-1157) at the Chamber for more details about upcoming USS Wichita events.

FOM – Paying it forward

As we celebrate the Fourth of July this week, we’ll also be remembering the sacrifices so many families and individuals have made throughout our history to ensure that our country remains free and independent. It’s also a good time to thank the local airmen of McConnell Air Force Base for fulfilling their current mission.

FOM donates Wichita River Festival buttons to airmen at McConnell AFB as one of their hospitality programs.

FOM donates Wichita River Festival buttons to airmen at McConnell AFB as one of their hospitality programs.

The Friends of McConnell (FOM) is a Chamber affiliate that strives to make sure the airmen at McConnell Air Force Base hear that message of appreciation year-round directly from the Wichita business community. Originally formed in the 1960s, the FOM is comprised of business leaders and individuals working to ensure that McConnell AFB is the most appealing assignment in the careers of the airmen and officers who serve there. They also provide meaningful social and economic linkages between senior military leaders and their civilian counterparts.

The FOM is involved in more than 30 events and programs a year that support McConnell airmen and their families. The group is recognized by past and current McConnell officers as being instrumental in the decision of many airmen to stay in Wichita once they retire. In the words of retired Colonel Cathy McClain, “The Friends of McConnell pay it forward.”

Chamber Board members like Claudio Ferraro of Via Christi believe the FOM is vital to forging strong bonds between the Base and the community. Ferraro recently said, “FOM has served as the catalyst directly linking Via Christi and McConnell AFB. Via Christi’s role in supporting McConnell would not be where it is had FOM not thrived under its longstanding visionary leadership.”

We salute the Friends of McConnell leadership and members for everything they do to support the mission of McConnell AFB and strengthen the ties between the airmen and our community. We invite you to learn more about the Friends of McConnell and their mission by visiting their Facebook page or the Chamber’s website.

Have a safe celebration.

Wayne Roberts – McConnell Air Force Base Champion

Roberts, H. Wayne with flag

Wayne Roberts

It’s been gratifying to see Wichita State University basketball coach Gregg Marshall winning national accolades for his outstanding leadership during the last several weeks. Everyone recognizes that success depends on leaders who believe in your cause, develop winning strategies, and then implement their plans with passion.

The Chamber’s Tanker Task Force was fortunate to enjoy that type of leadership under volunteer Wayne Roberts. A member of the Chamber’s Friends of McConnell organization, Roberts received the highest recognition that a local military installation can bestow upon a civilian several years ago when he was appointed a Golden Eagle and an Honorary Commander. These appointments were in  recognition of his support of local airmen and his volunteer efforts on their behalf.

Roberts took the reins of the Tanker Task Force when it was formed in 2012, and began focusing his efforts on doing everything possible to ensure that McConnell won the new KC-46A program.

In August of that year, Roberts led a delegation including representatives from Sedgwick County, GWEDC and the Chamber to the Pentagon where they met with the Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff, the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force and other personnel who were strategically involved in the selection process for the basing of the KC-46A.

Recognizing that the national competition for this program would be fierce, Roberts and Friends of McConnell President Jack Pulley kept elected officials, community leaders, and the media briefed on the program’s developments.  In the spring of 2013, he and a select group of Task Force members met with Air Mobility Command at Scott Air Force Base to brief General Paul Selva and others on the many advantages of selecting McConnell Air Force Base for the critical new mission.

The Tanker Task Force successfully promoted two information sessions in 2013 that the Air Force held to gauge public interest in the project. Both sessions were very well attended, in part because Roberts and Pulley spent time educating the public about these opportunities through radio, TV, and newspaper interviews. Roberts and Pulley were the always-available spokespersons on all things related to the Tanker project.

The importance of the KC-46A program to the economy of South Central Kansas cannot be overstated. And Wichita received more good news about it last month. We’re one step closer to celebrating the final announcement this year that the KC-46A program will officially arrive at McConnell Air Force Base in 2016. U.S. Rep Mike Pompeo shared the news with local media that the Base has passed the last step of the process with a positive environmental impact study. An Air Force spokesperson confirmed that the Base is on track for an official announcement this spring that it will be the first main active-duty base to receive the new tankers. Links to some of that media coverage are available here:

As we await the final announcement, it’s a fitting time to recognize our community leaders who have devoted so much time and expertise to securing this new mission for McConnell.  Wayne Roberts has long recognized that McConnell Air Force Base is a critical contributor to the area economy.  And he has spent the last two years of his time in Wichita making sure that Wichita doesn’t have to contemplate what the community would have faced if the Base hadn’t been at the top of the list for the new tankers.

We wish Wayne and his wife, Norma, all the best as they retire from their leadership positions at Pioneer Balloon and begin a new phase of their life in another part of the country. We’ll miss his leadership, expertise and passionate support of McConnell Air Force Base. Wichita is better prepared for the future thanks to his dedication.

Invitation to bid on McConnell work

There are approximately 10 projects that will be undertaken at McConnell Air Force Base to support the new tanker, should McConnell be confirmed as the selected base in late spring 2014.  Bids for the first project, and likely the biggest, are due to the Federal Government by March 28.  The finalists are now looking for sub-contractors for services ranging from heavy steel to landscaping, and are interested in local, small businesses that can provide these capabilities.  Please click here for specific information.


What Made the KC-46A Tanker Hearing a Success

Tanker Publid Hearing - November 039_cropWe had a successful Public Hearing for the KC-46A Tanker program this week.  More than 150 people actually signed in with the Air Force and we counted 200+ attendees. It was impressive to see so many business leaders, elected officials, and area residents dedicate their evening to supporting McConnell Air Force Base.

We are especially appreciative of those who offered public comments.  Our speakers included:

Susan Erlenwein        Sedgwick County Environmental Resources
Claudio Ferraro          Via Christi Health
Ryan Flickner             Office of Senator Pat Roberts
Debbie Gann              Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce
Jim Howell                  Kansas House of Representatives
Toni Porter                  Office of Congressman Mike Pompeo
Jack Pulley                 Friends of McConnell
Wayne Roberts          WMC Tanker Task Force
John Schlegel            City of Wichita Planning Department
Kathy Sexton             City of Derby
Jim Skelton                Sedgwick County Commission
Victor White               Wichita Airport Authority
Tim Witsman             Wichita Independent Business Association
Mike Zamrzla             Office of Senator Jerry Moran

All of the public comments were on target and very positive.  As expected, we didn’t hear a single negative comment. At the end of the evening, all three members of the Air Force panel complimented us on a good turnout and well-prepared speakers.  

Many people in the community put forth a lot of effort to ensure that the hearing went smoothly. I owe a great debt of gratitude to our Congressional offices and the responsiveness of their teams. Some of our elected officials who couldn’t attend the hearing took the time to videotape supportive messages. Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer spent time discussing the issue with local media and submitted an impressive editorial to the Wichita Eagle. Our Derby partners, Kathy Sexton and Allison Moeding, also participated in media interviews. The Chamber and the Wichita Independent Business Association made sure that all of their members were well-informed about the importance of attending the event. And of course, our tireless Tanker Task Force Chairman, Wayne Roberts, and Friends of McConnell President, Jack Pulley, were great spokespersons when interviewed by various print and electronic media outlets.

We’re also appreciative of the many media outlets that assisted us in providing information to the public about the event. Special thanks to:  99.7 Light FM, KNSS Radio, 104.5 The Fox, KAKE-TV, KSN-TV, KWCH-TV, the Wichita Business Journal and The Wichita Eagle.

You can view the editorial, videotaped messages, articles, and interviews on the Friends of McConnell Facebook page. Photos from the event are also available at this site.  The Air Force will continue to accept public comments until December 9, 2013. You may access a comment form at this site:

We expect a final decision on this important program in late Spring of 2014. We anticipate sharing positive news with you at that time.

Pat Gallagher
Wichita Metro Chamber
Military Liaison

Tanker Publid Hearing - November 034Tanker Publid Hearing - November 026