Tyler Heffron covers the Leadership Wichita selection process

Nominations for the Chamber’s 2016 Leadership Wichita class are underway. This is the third post in a three-part series with answers to questions about the program. See Monday’s blog post for answers to questions 1-3 by 1999 Leadership Wichita graduate Tammy Allen. Questions 4-6 were answered in yesterday’s post by 2003 Leadership Wichita graduate Denise Sherman. Leadership Wichita graduate Tyler Heffron answers questions 7-10 below.

Tyler E. Heffron, an  Attorney with  Triplett, Woolf & Garretson, LLC is a 2008  Leadership Wichita graduate and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Tyler E. Heffron is an
Attorney with
Triplett, Woolf & Garretson, LLC. He is a 2008
Leadership Wichita graduate and the 2016 Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

  1. How much time does the program require and what topics will be covered? The class meets nine times and the program runs between September 8 and November 17. Eight of those sessions are day-long events. The program is so engaging and fun that it’s over before you know it, and you’ll leave invigorated about the Wichita area. There are three additional outside class activities related to media, government, and caring community. The program topics include:
  • The Strategic Wichita Vision
  • Working Partnerships with Media
  • An Education Responsibility
  • The Business of Government
  • Making Development Happen
  • Simulated Society
  • Shaping a Caring Community
  1. Who selects the Leadership Wichita class and when will the 2016 class be announced? Members of the 2016 Board of Trustees are responsible for the class selection process, and they each dedicate a significant amount of time to ensure the class of participants is diverse and balanced. Applicants who aren’t accepted the first time they apply are encouraged to apply again the following year. The 2016 Leadership Wichita class will be announced August 5.
  1. Who oversees the program? Suzy Finn, Director of Community Advancement for the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce, works with the Leadership Wichita Board of Trustees to organize the program and to select timely and topical speakers and session materials.
  1. Who makes up the Board of Trustees? Every Leadership Wichita class selects one representative on the Board of Trustees. Other members of the Board are selected by the Chamber and Board Chair from the list of distinguished program alumni. The 13-member Board has a number of responsibilities, including assisting with the logistics of the program, identifying trending topics and issues for inclusion in the sessions, and securing speakers. Board members typically serve a three-year term. Our 2016 Board is listed below:

Tyler Heffron – 2016 Chair
Attorney – Partner
Triplett, Woolf & Garreston, LLC

Ryan Bond
Director, Brand and People Experience
Sasnak Management Corporation

Dennis Clary
Senior Manager, Public Affairs
Cox Communications

John DeCesaro
Vice President and Marketing Manager
Fidelity Bank

Claudio Ferraro
Sr. Administrator and Chief of Staff
Via Christi Health

Bobby Gandu
Director of Admissions
Wichita State University

Katie Grover
Senior Vice President and Marketing Director
Fidelity Bank

Christina House
Project Operations Lead & Risk Officer
Airbus Americas Engineering

Chris Howell
President, Western Kansas Region
UMB Bank, N.A.

Wendy Johnson
Division Director, Marketing and Communications
Wichita Public Schools

Mark Manning
Budget and Research Director
City of Wichita

Gabe Schlickau
State Farm Agency – Schlickau

Don Sherman
VP, Community Relations & Strategic Partnerships
Westar Energy

Leadership Wichita nominations are due June 10, and should be submitted electronically at wichitachamber.org/leadershipwichita. Nominees will then be forwarded an application to complete and submit by June 22.